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The theater is still used to the nights teeth in Vietnam

The theater is still used to the nights teeth in Vietnam. Which can be stimulated by the method of leprosy and lack of protection during the process reinstatement if super-strong music is stronger than regression after a few months. Implant is painful is always a worry, even fear of almost everyone when they first consulted implant plug. Over time, the dental health of the elderly is declining. A number of dental problems such as tooth aging, oral mucosal degeneration, dry mouth, discolored teeth, shaking, periodontitis will occur simultaneously causing pain, obstructing activities of the elderly. Nutrition for the elderly is very important so they need to take care of their teeth, to provide healthy teeth for chewing, to improve the health of the elderly. The following method is highly effective in removing small strenuous chambers that cannot be heard and substances needed to use a twenty-five-inch needle to anesthetize after taking away a little bit now wait until there are many activities if there is no presence.

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“How can putting something into the bone cannot hurt?” However, it is possible with the new implants implant technique: “technique

Implant placement is not slit gums vietnam dentist prices

– sundry”. Accordingly, a small implants implant need only local anesthesia and plug directly the implant through the gums into the jaw bone without slitting the gums to expose the implanted bone. By doing this, we will overcome the disadvantages of conventional techniques “plug implant technique with gingival incision – flip flop”.

Do not cut the gums and sutures to shorten the time implant plugs (only 10 – 15 minutes is complete implantation of an implant), do not have to use a lot of anesthesia so the patient will feel comfortable, not swollen, nor painful. Complications after implantation.

At the same time, this technique minimizes bleeding, helps healing quickly. In particular, patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, even kidney failure … can also apply this technique without fear of infection after surgery. Older people, the implant plug is also light and simple.

Actually, you can hear or feel the instruments being used but work

Implant transplant completely painless Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Implants are implanted by an implant specialist from France with “implant placement technique without flap – flip flap” so absolutely no pain. The implant procedure is simple, just anesthesia in place and plug the implant directly through the gums into the jaw bone and not “flip”. By just drilling a small hole exactly equal to the size of the implants need to put the wound in the mouth is minimal and almost no bleeding as much as the old technique is “plug implant technique flips”. So implant placed very quickly, no swelling, no pain.

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