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Sensitive teeth Vietnam Lily is unique and bizarre but smart, say what is

Sensitive teeth Vietnam Lily is unique and bizarre but smart, say what is; To take the initiative in developing an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum and diversifying the examination and assessment of pupils. Ho Chi Minh City will also have standard tests to test and recognize high school graduation for students in the area. This test is held several times a year to meet the open payroll. The suggestion on opening orientation in the payroll of the school year (instead of 9 months per school year) is the proposal of the People’s Committee, within the framework of the report on the implementation of the Education Law in the area. HCMC. This document is intended to serve the meeting between the City People’s Committee and the delegation of the Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Youth and Children of the National Assembly in the coming time. This proposal is just one of many proposals related to education of the City People’s Committee.At the working session with the monitoring team, these issues will be discussed in more detail. The Education and Training Department of Ho Chi Minh City – an advisory body to the City People’s Committee – will be the explanation unit, specific information of the proposals. According to the normal process, the National Assembly delegation will record and consider each proposal.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sensitive teeth after filling

Reason: What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

In deep-hole cleaning using hand drills or cleaning tools that stimulate the nerves in the pulp, and in some cases the nerves continue to be sensitive to stimuli. or transient natural stimulation even after filling the teeth.

-Or also may be due to local hypersensitivity, physiological tissues are not familiar with artificial filling materials

-Some cases are due to the psychology of the patient, because the new deep cleaning process is deeply sensitive after the filling of teeth anxious, feeling

If for these reasons, the patient’s appearance should be monitored, usually stimulated to cease after average filling within 1 week.

Monitoring of the patient’s symptoms within 1-2 weeks if not completed or reduced, consider removing the old weld and replace with IRM or Biodentin intermittent until the symptoms disappear.

In addition, irritability may be due to:Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Due to dental filler technique of dentist

– Do not clean up the organization deep before placing fillings that cause cavities to continue to develop under the fillings that cause patients to show sensitivity or pain after filling. Treatment: check the film and remove the old seal and then re-clean the hole and re-evaluate the injury to determine the next direction.

– The seal does not work properly:

When filling a composite material, the sensitivity after filling may be due to the dentist’s failure to adhere to the correct filling technique, such as etching technique for the improper surface treatment that causes tooth erosion. Excessive acid washing or bonding techniques, improper filling techniques or inconvenient lighting techniques make the weld not tight enough to cause patients to exhibit long-lasting sensitivity or when the stimulation is hot or cold. or when eating chewing.

Or when fill with GIC stuffing is not good enough to leave a gap between the tooth tissue and fillings or puffiness between the layers of fillings can also make patients sensitive after filling.

Handling: need to remove the old weld and re-weld in accordance with the technical process.

– Deep hole near the marrow but not the pulp before placing other filling materials to cause tooth pulp is stimulated. Treatment for the deep hole near the marrow should be taken before the pulp filling materials and follow up the pulp.

Due to fillings material:Dental tourim in Vietnam

-Using the material is amalgam, the material itself is alloy, so it can transfer heat, stimulate the tooth pulp, causing a post-filling sensation especially when eating hot and cold food. Treatment: Imaging the pulp before using amalgam material.

-Use of GIC material: the composition of the GIC mixture is mild acidic nature can also cause mild stimulation after filling teeth. Usually the stimulation will go away and not last more than a week.

Stiff, sensitive to the side teeth: In addition to tooth fillings, the side teeth also feel a sense of sensitivity. This situation requires the dentist to check if the next tooth is injured, if the next tooth does not have any problems, this may be just the signal that the nerves in the same location receive and transmit. go. This discomfort will quickly relieve in 1-2 weeks. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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