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necessary to strengthen teeth dental implant

necessary to strengthen teeth dental implant,The bacteria on plaque will secrete harmful substances commonly called endotoxins. This toxin will create resistance against the body’s immune system. As a result, the body’s response to the toxin’s immunity causes inflammation and redness. If this phenomenon is not treated promptly, it will lead to periodontal disease and eventually affect periodontal tissue around the teeth, causing bone loss and forming periodontal pockets, so it will be lost sticky, wobbly and can fall off. In addition to the causes of poor oral hygiene, factors that may increase the risk of gum inflammation include: tobacco use, diabetes, dry mouth or hormonal changes such as during pregnancy and menopause .When you notice signs of

in Vietnamese people is still high: 10% of the researchers lost their teeth.In the investigation of oral health status in recent years, the rate of tooth loss in Vietnamese people is still high: 10% of the researchers lost their teeth. The 2011 study showed that in the elderly, the rate of tooth loss was high: 81.12%, of which 51% of people with missing teeth had not been dentures ever, the average number Saigon Vietnam dental implants

of missing teeth was 5 93 teeth / person. To overcome lost teeth, implant implants were born. However, postoperative care should be followed by patients, avoiding inflammation after transplantation.Facing that situation, the method of dental restoration for patients was also invested in research and made great progress, most notably dental implant. Patients will be placed an implant vietnam dentist prices

column into the jaw bone with the diameter and length according to the doctor’s instructions. Normally, after a period of 2-6 months, the implant head is stable, the dentures will be mounted on top. Compared to other prosthetic methods, this method gives patients chewing efficiency, better pronunciation, aesthetics and compactness. Especially for older patients who have lost many trồng răng implant

teeth this is really revolution. Patients will be examined in the mouth, X-ray areas of the jaw bone that need to be implanted, blood factors tested and consulted with other specialists in case of need.However, in order to be effective for a long time, doctors and patients must take care of procedures, techniques and follow-up. Otherwise, the patient may have inflammation around the implant that cấy ghép implant

manifests itself as: red swollen gums, easy bleeding, pain, and implant wobble and gradually increase, pus discharge, bone resorption around implant on X-ray and posterior film Long-term results are implant failure, implants fall off the jawbone.top cổ trang

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